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Create Your Custom University Team Rugby Kit with SKINS Teamwear

14 Aug 2018

Whether its amateurs or professionals, we want SKINS athletes to perform at their very best, that’s why we put so much effort into our custom rugby team kits selection.

If you’re heading to University this year and will be playing rugby or you’re already part of a University rugby team, here are a few good reasons to get your custom rugby kit with us.

1.  Complete Customisation

With 9 different base colours and 9 different base patterns, you have a huge amount of customisation options with your University rugby kit.

An image which shows the various kit customisation options for SKINS team wear, which includes kit patterns and colours.

Ultimately, you’ll want to stand out when you run on to the pitch and our SKINS teamwear is the perfect way to do it!

You can even customise the numbers and letters styles too.

2.  Improve Your Performance

Research is at the heart of every SKINS product because we want to ensure that you and your teammates have an advantage on the field.

Here are just a few performance benefits with our custom rugby kits:

  • Super durable 4-way stretch fabric for a tight fit, making you harder to tackle.
  • Snag and tear resistant for excellent durability.
  • Underarm panel reduces seams for comfort while playing.
  • Our wicking fabric ensures your kits dry quickly after being washed. Perfect if you have multiple training days and games in a short period.

Those advantages might seem small, but they add up to make a big difference on the pitch and that can be the difference between winning and losing.

3. Customer Care

Supporting SKINS athletes is absolutely crucial to us. It’s not just a fluffy statement, it’s a core belief. We make it our mission to deliver the very best quality kits to our athletes and make sure they’re supported during the design process.

In SKINS you can trust, so if you buy your rugby team kits with us, we can guarantee you quality.

Take a look at our custom kit brochure today and call 01633 866048 to place your order!


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