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Citizens Of Sport

Bill Browder – Author and Human Rights Activist

16 Mar 2018

SKINS have always believed in pure sport, free from drugs and corruption. But we also believe in redemption. Anyone deserves a second chance if they’ve paid their debt to sporting society.

That’s why to launch SKINS’ new Citizens of Sport series, our Chairman Jaimie Fuller interviewed Bill Browder about business and living in Russia.

A Citizen of Sport doesn’t spectate, they participate. They believe sport is a universal human right. They use their position to inspire this generation and the next, on and off the field. We are all Citizens of Sport.

Rise Up.

Author and Human Rights Activist Bill Browder has given up his career in finance to expose the Russian state and avenge the murder of his lawyer and friend, Sergei Magnitsky. Listen to the exclusive interview:

Citizens of Sport don’t stand by, they Rise Up.

How can we give disability football more coverage and open more doors to this avenue of the beautiful game?


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