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9 Benefits of SKINS Teamwear Compression Shorts, Sleeves and Tights

16 Aug 2018

A common question people ask us is “how beneficial are compression sleeves, shorts, socks?”

In this blog, we want to provide the answer, showing you how our SKINS compression gear can improve performance, whatever sport you take part in.

We’ll also explain some of the industry-leading research that goes into all our compression gear designs.

The Benefits of Our Compression Kit

SKINS has an extensive range of men’s and women’s compression gear, all of which has been designed to give you an edge.

Here are 9 key benefits to our compression kit:

  1. Increases in venous return.
  2. Reduction in exercise induced muscle damage (EIMD).
  3. Accelerated recovery processes.
  4. Faster removal of lactic acid.
  5. Increased strength and power.
  6. Improved endurance.
  7. Increased muscle oxygenation.
  8. Improved body temperature control.
  9. Reduced in-flight ankle oedema.

If you wear SKINS fear, you can reduce injury, improve performance, recover faster and be more comfortable competing.

That benefits can really make the difference, regardless of whether you are competing or training.

Our Technology Research

The benefits behind SKINS compression gear have been developed through years of research and development.

Quite simply, we know our compression gear improves performance and we can prove it.

The amount of research published on the functional parameters of SKINS is unrivalled within the sports compression wear industry. So far, ten studies carried out using SKINS have been published in independently peer reviewed medical journals.

Published research of this kind has contributed to SKINS being recommended and endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association and qualifying for registration as a therapeutic device by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Join The SKINS Team

SKINS is changing the sports compression wear industry for the better and that’s why you should join us.

More athletes and teams are turning to SKINS for a competitive advantage on the pitch and in the training grounds.

Don’t fall behind, see our full range of SKINS Teamwear gear and place your order today.